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The Four “Rs” of a Great Resume

When I was in business school, I spent a ridiculous amount of time working on my resume. In search of perfection, I wrestled with trivial resume questions, like “should I include an objective statement?,” or “how much white space should I have on the page?” I even worried about which words should be in bold font and which should be […]

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The Top Ways to Mess Up an Interview

  It’s sort of unfair. A 45 minute interview is all you get to show a potential employer who you are and why you are amazing. In fact, interviewers form their opinions so quickly that you likely don’t even have the full 45 minutes before the decision is made in the interviewer’s mind. That’s how interviewing works and it’s not […]

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What Employees Really Want From Their Managers

I used to think managers needed to be likable, charismatic and extroverted to be considered great managers. In other words, I thought great managers also needed to be great friends to their employees. After all, people want to work with those they like, right? Not necessarily. Friendliness is great, but it turns out that most employees already have friends. They […]

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The Difference Between Managing Time and Investing It

Of all the resources given to human beings, there is only one (that I can think of) that is given equally to everyone: time. Everything else—brains, physical strength, economic opportunity—seems to be doled out to humans arbitrarily. Even air and water quality differ depending on where you live. Ah, but time! Time is the great equalizer. Everyone is given the […]

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